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Release Notes

Module: ResponseMaster
Release #: 776
Date: April 5, 2021

Release Overview

This is a general release. ResponseMaster now supports both Oracle and AdaptOpenJDK java.  New bounce rules have been added. Support for 32-bit systems has been dropped.


Change Detailed Explanation
Support Non-Oracle versions of Java

Support for AdoptOpenJDK and Oracle Java: Please note Oracle changed its licensing for Java and you are required to purchase a license to execute Java for commercial use. You can read the details at the post below

See post for Java details

Minor rule updates Minor changes have been made to a broad set of rules. These are not focused on a particular language, region, ISP, or mail server.
32-bit support dropped ResponseMaster no longer supports 32-bit operating systems. All the installer packages are 64-bit.

Download Instructions

We are very happy to report that we have updated the web site! The link below will take you to the new download page. Not only will you find the different installer packages of ResponseMaster, but also some upgrade instructions. If you are going to use AdoptOpenJDK Java on Windows, you cannot use the default setting for the install. See: Windows install or Linux install for the details. The latest version of ResponseMaster.

There are many types of installation packages on the web site, make sure to choose the appropriate package for your environment and situation. The types are:

  • Type: Upgrade or Full
  • Operating System: Windows or Linux 64 bit
  • Install Package: msi, rpm, gz/tar, or zip
  • Support for 32-bit ResponseMaster has been dropped

If there are questions or issues, please contact us at:

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Version Type Notes
776 GA Released April 2021
Certified with AdoptOpenJDK
759 Beta Tested
Updating installers
736 GA  
714 GA