WeProcess, Powered by ResponseMaster, keeps your email on the fast track

What is the WeProcess Service?

You provide the bounced emails. We process the emails using ResponseMaster on our infrastructure and return the results to you.

Who can use WeProcess?

Any business which uses email to contact people.

Business email campaigns generate lots of bounced emails.  Each bounced email needs to be reviewed to determine why it bounced.  Then, the customer data needs to be updated accordingly.  This process is a massive amount of work!  So what can you do?  Use WeProcess powered by ResponseMaster to process bounced emails. 

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How does WeProcess work?

1. You Provide Emails

Email Delivery Options

  • File Delivery – You extract the emails and transfer them to us.
  • Mailbox Delivery –  We read the emails directly from your mailbox.

2. We Process Emails

We Process Emails

Extreme Messaging will use ResponseMaster to process your bounced emails.

3. We Return Bounced Message Results

Delivery Options for Bounced Results

  • Basic Excel – An Excel spreadsheet with three fields.  “To Email Address,” “Subject,” and “Bounce Reason.”
  • Enhanced Excel – An Excel spreadsheet with all available ResponseMaster processing results.
  • Database – All available ResponseMaster processing results ready for table insert.
  • Salesforce – The contact and lead records will be updated in your Salesforce account.
  • CRM/Contact Management Solution – Contact Us
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