Get a handle on your mass emails

A switchman directs trains through a train yards, sending them in the proper direction. The job requires skill and training to evaluate and move traffic safely through the yard. Like a switchman, we worked for years to educate our software to correctly read an email and understand the reason it was returned. Most email software only tells you whether an email was received, not why. Our software uses the established rules of email to understand the reason it was sent back. Once we understand the reason, we allow you to take the appropriate action.”

You Have Options

For your returned email processing you have two options. Both options will use the ResponseMaster software so that you receive the best returned email processing solution on the market.

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Option 1 – ResponseMaster Software

You purchase the ResponseMaster software and it runs on your hardware/infrastructure or in a cloud service managed by you.  With the assistance of Extreme Messaging, you configure the software to your specifications. Once operational, the ResponseMaster software continually monitors your mailbox(es) for returned email and processes them accordingly.


  • Software is provided to you.
  • You configure and tailor ResponseMaster to your specific requirements.
  • You run the software on your infrastructure.
  • ResponseMaster continuously runs and monitors your mailboxes for bounced and returned email.
  • The software provides a real-time status of your returned email.
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Option 2 – WeProcess Service

You provide Extreme Messaging with your returned emails and we do the rest.  The returned email will be processed according to your specifications. Extreme Messaging runs the ResponseMaster software on our own hardware. After processing, we provide you with an explanation why each email bounced.  This is intended to be a simple and easy way to process returned emails. You may use this service as often as you like.


  • Extreme Messaging operates ResponseMaster for you!
  • There is no software for you to install and there is no license fee.
  • You provide a set of returned emails for processing and we provide the bounce reasons.
Learn more -> WeProcess Service