The E*Trade Financial Corporation provides an electronic trading platform for financial assets.  The company was manually processing bounced and returned emails and wanted to avoid hiring additional staff and outsourcing to an Email Service Provider (ESP). The emails contained personal client information and management wanted to limit the number of people who had access.  Since using an ESP to send the messages was not an option, they decided to use ResponseMaster to process all returned messages.


ResponseMaster’s solution runs on the customer’s hardware and infrastructure, ensuring that the creation of outbound messages (and all of the data used to create messages), and the processing of replies and bounces, were completed on the customer’s site.  After installation, the customer reported that 99-percent of the bounce processing could be handled by ResponseMaster and just a few messages were being processed by staff with confidentiality and security.


Financial services

Broader Use

A highly regulated industry in which the organization needs to maintain governance of messaging infrastructure and retain “control” of message data & associated content.

Outbound Email

Use email to send regulatory notifications to customers where delivery of email is required.

Inbound Email

Receives bounce messages and processes all bounces to determine whether messages were or were not delivered.